“The Dead Pool” quotes

Movie The Dead Pool
Title The Dead Pool
Year 1988
Director Buddy Van Horn
Genre Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Police inspector Harry Callahan runs into a series of murders which gradually reveal to be connected to a television game show, specialized in violent programs. Questioning the dazed responsible for the show is useless and Callahan doesn't know how to conduct his researches. The only thing he knows is that in every crime scene he punctually finds a sheet of names and many of them are marked by the words "rest in peace", until the inspector reads his own name on that very sheet. With the help of a journalist, Samantha Walker, and Al Quan, a young Chinese policeman, Callaghan finally identifies the author of the crimes, a furious psychopath.
All actors – Clint Eastwood, Patricia Clarkson, Liam Neeson, Evan C. Kim, David Hunt, Michael Currie, Michael Goodwin, Darwin Gillett, Anthony Charnota, Christopher P. Beale, John Allen Vick, Jeff Richmond, Patrick N. Van Horn, Sigrid Wurschmidt, Jim Carrey, Deborah A. Bryan, Nicholas Love, Maureen McVerry, John X. Heart, Victoria Bastel, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Michael Faqir, Ronnie Claire Edwards, Wallace Choy, Melodie Soe, Kristopher Logan, Scott Vance, Glenn Wright, Stu Klitsner, Karen Kahn, Shawn Elliott, Ren Reynolds, Ed Hodson, Edward Hocking, Diego Chairs, Patrick Valentino, Calvin Jones, Melissa Martin, Phil Dacey, Louis Giambalvo, Peter Anthony Jacobs, Bill Wattenburg, Hugh McCann, Suzanne Sterling, Lloyd Nelson, Charles Martinet, Taylor Gilbert, George Orrison, Marc Alaimo, Justin Whalin, Kris LeFan, Katie Bruce, Harry Demopoulos, John Frederick Jones, Martin Ganapoler, James W. Gavin, Craig Hosking, , Steven Adler, Michael E. Burgess, Brian Danker, Duff McKagan, D.C. Murphy, Axl Rose, Slash, Theodore Carl Soderberg, Izzy Stradlin, John Woehrle
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  • “- Captain Donnelly: 13,453 dollars and 63 cents. That's how much an unmarked squad car costs this department. That's the third goddamned car you trashed this month.
    - Harry Callahan: Lou Janero.
    - Captain Donnelly: What?
    - Harry Callahan: It's his men who shot up the car, why don't you send him the bill?”

    Michael Currie - Captain Donnelly
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “- Captain Donnelly: You know what this is, Callahan? It's a bill for a TV camera and lens. When I told you to stop wrecking our cars, I didn't mean go out and find something else to destroy!
    - Harry Callahan: They were interfering with an official investigation, Sir.
    - Lt. Ackerman: Don't give us that. Is this your idea of cooperation with the...” (continue)
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    Michael Currie - Captain Donnelly
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    Michael Goodwin - Lt. Ackerman
  • “People are fascinated with death and violence. That's why my films make money. They're an escape, a vicarious release of fear. Same thing with this game. Nobody takes my films or the dead pool seriously.”

    Liam Neeson - Peter Swan
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  • “- Harry Callahan: Do you like cops?
    - Samantha Walker: As long as they're not in my rearview mirror.”

    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    Patricia Clarkson - Samantha Walker
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  • “Hicks there is my new pen pal. I'm going to be sending him a letter once a week, and I'm going to be telling him how I'm gonna be looking in on his sick mother, and how I'm trying to get him special privileges here at the prison. And you know what's the interesting part? The interesting part is if anything happens to me, and Hicks doesn't get...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    [Tag:letters, threat]
  • “- Harry Callahan: I don't like your list, Swan. I don't like being on it.
    - Peter Swan: Ah, that's, that's what this is really all about, isn't it? Well, if you got a charge to make...
    - Harry Callahan: Maybe I'll start my own dead pool, and put you on it.
    - Peter Swan: You threatening me?
    - Harry Callahan: You want to play the game, you'd...” (continue)
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    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
    Liam Neeson - Peter Swan
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  • Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.”
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan