“The Electric Horseman” quotes

Movie The Electric Horseman
Sydney Pollack directed this movie in 1979
Title The Electric Horseman
Year 1979
Director Sydney Pollack
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Western
Plot – Sonny Steele is the five-time World Rodeo Champion. He has become a legend and the sponsor of AMPCO, a company that produces cereals for which he has to advertise the ‘Ranch Breakfast’. Despite the wealthy life in Malibu Beach and the absent-minded care of the friends, Sonny is more and more confused and arrives late to the shows, almost drunk. One day in Las Vegas, Sonny has to ride Rising Star, a wonderful champion worth $12.000. The experienced cowboy realizes that the horse is filled with tranquillizers that could make it become sterile. For this reason, Sonny steals Rising Star and runs to faraway meadows where he spent his free childhood. Hellie Martin, a famous and stubborn anchorwoman, follows him and falls in love with the cowboy. The trio evades the police blocks, the helicopters and the AMPCO men. Meanwhile, the public supports the runaway and the sale of Sonny’s cereals redoubles, so when the horse is freed in the Utah’s meadows, all the charges are revoked.
All actors – Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Valerie Perrine, Willie Nelson, John Saxon, Nicolas Coster, Allan Arbus, Wilford Brimley, Will Hare, Basil Hoffman, Timothy Scott, James Sikking
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