“The Emperor's Club” quotes

Movie The Emperor's Club
Title The Emperor's Club
Year 2002
Director Michael Hoffman
Genre Drama
Plot – St. Benedict School, West Virginia. Exuberant but impatient young Sedgewick Bell joins the class of William Hundert, professor of Latin and Greek history. Hundert struggles to contain the boy's excesses, he talks about him with his father, who is a state senator, but does not get positive results. The highest honor of the year is the title of Julius Caesar, which is awarded to those who demonstrate the best knowledge of classical history. Bell is one of the three finalists, but Hundert, realizing that the boy is cheating, asks an unexpected question and the victory goes to young Deepak. In the spring of 1976, Bell graduates. Twentyfive years go by. On the death of Headmaster Wooldbridge, Hundert thinks he will be called to replace him, but the Council chooses another. Retired, Hundert is called one day when the school wants to repeat the competition that had taken place many years earlier, in view of a generous donation promised by Bell. Hundert formulates the questions and once again he realizes that Bell is cheating. The winner is once again Deepak, but Bell takes the opportunity to announce his candidacy for the seat in the Senate that had been his father's.
All actors – Kevin Kline, Emile Hirsch, Embeth Davidtz, Rob Morrow, Edward Herrmann, Harris Yulin, Paul Dano, Rishi Mehta, Jesse Eisenberg, Gabriel Millman, Chris Morales, Luca Bigini, Michael Coppola, Sean Fredricks, Katherine O'Sullivan, Melissa Brown, Sophie Wise, Emily Doubilet, Michelle Foody, Caitlin O'Heaney, Charu R. Mehta, Pamela Wehner, Molly Regan, Roger Rees, Helen Carey, Matthew Douglas, Charles McConnell, Allan M. Care, Joel Gretsch, Steven Culp, Rahul Khanna, Patrick Dempsey, Jimmy Walsh, Elizabeth Hobgood, Purva Bedi, Deirdre Lorenz, Anthony Vincent Bova, Mark Nichols, George F. Miller, David C. Hatch, Tom Bloom, Matthew Clark, James Shanklin, Denis Gawley, Nick Hagelin, Henry Glovinsky, Duane McLaughlin, Jessica Brooks Grant, Charles Estes, Dominique Deverau, Ben Levin, Jase Blankfort, , Brian Dongelewic, Tim Realbuto, Peter Charuza, April Crisafulli, Julie E. Davis, Jovette Elise, Jason Sean Ellis, Rick Kain, Rick Karatas, Justin Leader, Burton Mazzone, Ronald Rand
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