“The Rules of Attraction” quotes

Movie The Rules of Attraction
Title The Rules of Attraction
Year 2002
Director Roger Avary
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – At the Camden College, Sean Bateman sells drugs, he has a psychotic brother who is a Wall Street broker, he has to give a lot of money to his business partner and he is loved by the girls of the campus. Lauren Hynde decides to remain chaste and pure for her boyfriend Victor, who is currently traveling around Europe. Lauren’s roommate Lara has a crush on Victor and she is more sexually free than her friend. Paul Denton is a bisexual and he has broken up with his boyfriend Mitchell, who left him for Candice. Sean loves Lauren, Paul loves Sean, but he also dated Lauren. Lauren loves Sean and Victor.
All actors – James Van Der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Jessica Biel, Kip Pardue, Kate Bosworth, Ian Somerhalder, Joel Michaely, Jay Baruchel, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Clifton Collins Jr., Clare Kramer, Faye Dunaway, Swoosie Kurtz, Russell Sams, Colin Bain, Eric Stoltz, Fred Savage, Eric Szmanda, Kavan Reece, Theresa Wayman, Paul Williams, Skyler Stone, Quincy Evans, Lucille M. Oliver, Anderson Goncalves, Drew Wood, Curtis Andersen, Chasen Hampton, Malcolm Galt, Noelle Evans, Michael Ralph, Cheyenne Wilbur, Ron Jeremy, Holly Hollywood, Amber Smith, Alaina, Trisha Uptown, Hayley Keenan, Ninni Fires, Emily Kennedy, Zanna Lyberg, Melvyn, Maya Albina Morella, Shirell Orsler, Kate Verity Wilson, Angharad Wood, Jasmyn Androna, J. Bahle, Jan Carlos Byl, Jeff Espanol, Emilie Milders, Julie Milders, Katja Schuurman, Briony Shackell, Mascha De Wajer, Jim Zalm, Eva Alter, Kristina Kumlin, Corina Marinescu, Honor Fitzgerald, Melanie Hoar, Pappy Lloyd, Cha Cha Singh, Jennifer Maitland, Charly Sessner, Jennifer Shea, Audrey Pawl, Wayne Perry, Angela Antonini, Piero Antonini, Sarah Schmidt, Valentina Anastasio, Francesca Cogodoa, James Paci, Charlie Babcock, Candice Bryant, Giovanni Capitello, C. Robert Cargill, Cory Elgin, Cris Gurtman, Jesse Heiman, Tara Kleinpeter, Alexis Krause, Matthew Lang, Paul Oakenfold, Stevo Polyi, Tommy Ritter, Adam Robitel, Saskia Slaaf, Aurora Snow, Brian Villarante, Rowland Wafford, Keren Woodward
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