“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” quotes

Movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Title Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Year 1997
Director Jay Roach
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – London, 1967. Austin Powers is a young man addicted to Carnaby Street’s fashion. He attends several parties and he goes out with many girls. He’s a fashion photographer by day, while at night he becomes a spy at the service of Her Majesty, ready to go into action at the first hint of trouble. After completing another mission, Austin gets hibernated and defrosted after thirty years in order to face again his old enemy, Dr. Evil who, together with the multinational Virtucon, threatens the world with the "Project Vulcan". Austin is assisted by the efficient and charming agent Vanessa, the daughter of one friend of him back in the sixties. Austin begins to insistently flirt with her. The two arrive in Las Vegas, they enter in the underground quarters of Evil, they are captured but then released, they face a group of female robots and other dangers and they finally defeat the malefic Dr. Evil. Austin now realizes he has to control his exuberant sexuality if he wants to conquer Vanessa.
All actors – Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, Fabiana Udenio, Mindy Sterling, Paul Dillon, Charles Napier, Will Ferrell, Joann Richter, Anastasia Sakelaris, Afifi Alaouie, Monet Mazur, Mark Bringelson, Clint Howard, Elya Baskin, Carlton Lee Russell, Daniel Weaver, Neil Mullarkey, Lea Sullivan, Chekesha Van Putten, Heather Marie Marsden, Sarah Christine Smith, Laura Payne-Gabriel, Joe Son, Tyde Kierny, Larry Thomas, Cheryl Bartel, Cindy Margolis, Donna W. Scott, Barbara Ann Moore, Cynthia Lamontagne, Brian George, Kaye Wade, Steve Monroe, Vince Melocchi, Patrick Bristow, Jim McMullan, Robin Gammell, Ted Kairys, Burt Bacharach, Douglas Aarniokoski, Lana Antonova, Tom Arnold, Kira Burt, Neill Calabro, Bruno Campolo, Lois Chiles, Lisa Danielle, Elwood Edwards, Carrie Fisher, Joe Grisaffi, Susanna Hoffs, Stuart D. Johnson, Mike Judge, Hannah Kozak, Erik Liberman, Rob Lowe, Michael McDonald, John Michael, Alex Morissen, Stephane Nicoli, Cheri Oteri, Gwenda Perez, Priscilla Presley, Ben Scott, John-Clay Scott, Christian Slater, Matthew Sweet, Patricia Tallman, Andreanna Veith, Sterling Wolfe
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