“Touch” quotes

Movie Touch
Title Touch
Year 1997
Director Paul Schrader
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
All actors – LL Cool J, Gina Gershon, Tom Arnold, Conchata Ferrell, John Doe, Christopher Walken, Skeet Ulrich, María Celedonio, Chris Hogan, Anthony Zerbe, Bridget Fonda, William Newman
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  • “I bleed from five wounds and heal people, but I've never been in love.”
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
  • - Lynn Faulkner: How on earth did you get 'Juvenal'?
    - Juvenal: Well, when you go into the order, you pick three names. I liked Raphael, or Anthony. They showed me a list, said "pick something else" I said "um, I guess Juvenal".

    Bridget Fonda - Lynn Faulkner
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
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  • “- Lynn Faulkner: We're lucky, right now we are.
    - Juvenal: You sound very solemn.
    - Lynn Faulkner: Yeah, I have to watch that. The most important thing you can do in life is to not take it too seriously.”

    Bridget Fonda - Lynn Faulkner
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
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  • “Being serious doesn't mean you have to be solemn.”
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
  • “If he was comin' in here to take somethin' of mine, you're damn right, I'd shoot to kill. Now if God wants to have mercy on their souls, that's up to him, but I'd shoot to kill!”
    Tom Arnold - August Murray
  • “I'm talking here, we're having a conversation here. You want to make a phone call, go to the John!”
    Lolita Davidovich - Antoinette Baker
  • “I'm gonna hang up before I catch that new kind of AIDS, hearing AIDS, the kind you get from listening to assholes.”
    Paul Mazursky - Artie
  • “You know how to keep a dog from humping your leg? Pick up the dog and suck his dick.”
    Paul Mazursky - Artie
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  • “Controversy is the oxygen I breathe.”
    Gina Gershon - Debra Lusanne
  • You asked me if I believe in God. I said "yes". You didn't ask me if I believe in the church. Now sometimes I don't like God much, or what they call God once they get him under their roof.
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
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  • “- Debra Lusanne: You say you believe in God. You say you don't believe in the Church. The church believes in God. Who's right?
    - Juvenal: It's not about being right. The Pharisees, they wanted to be right, and they were up to a point. It's about being... being kind. Being patient. Being Loving. Forgiving. Not judging. Drawing out the best in the...” (continue)
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    Gina Gershon - Debra Lusanne
    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
  • “- Juvenal: My real name's Charlie Lawson.
    - Lynn Faulkner: Charlie? Come on.
    - Juvenal: There was a Saint Charles.
    - Lynn Faulkner: yeah? What did he do?
    - Juvenal: I don't know, probably got martyred.”

    Skeet Ulrich - Juvenal
    Bridget Fonda - Lynn Faulkner
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