“Where Eagles Dare” quotes

Movie Where Eagles Dare
Title Where Eagles Dare
Year 1968
Director Brian G. Hutton
Genre War, Adventure, Action
Plot – During World War II, a British plane is hit and falls in a southern Germany region. The Nazis capture the only survivor, Gen. Carnaby. He is a Commander of the US Army and the Nazis lock him up in a castle - the SS headquarters - to interrogate him about the Allied strategies. His buddies in fact discard the idea to bomb the castle, even if the General could reveal something, moreover no plane can fly close to the castle without being shot down. The only solution is to send a team to infiltrate there and free the General.
All actors – Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure, Patrick Wymark, Michael Hordern, Donald Houston, Peter Barkworth, William Squire, Robert Beatty, Brook Williams, Neil McCarthy, Vincent Ball
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