• “- Donna De Angelo: How come you're not married? Sorry, if you don't want to say...
    - Joe Gastineau: Probably the same reason you're not married.
    - Donna De Angelo: Because such a high percentage of men are jerks?
    - Joe Gastineau: No.
    - Donna De Angelo: Because women are scarce and winters are long?
    - Joe Gastineau: That's true, but...
    - Donna De Angelo: Because you're looking for someone fun to be with? Who understands your bullshit but is still crazy about you anyway?
    - Joe Gastineau: That's a bit much to ask for.
    - Donna De Angelo: No, it's not.”

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Donna De Angelo
    David Strathairn - Joe Gastineau
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7/29/10 at 4:52 AM
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