• “- Dr. Zempf: Has anybody instructed Lolita in the facts of life?
    - Humbert Humbert: The facts?
    - Dr. Zempf: The facts of life. You see, Lolita is a sweet, little child, but the onset of maturity seems to be giving her a certain amount of trouble.
    - Humbert Humbert: I really don't think that this is a fit topic.
    - Dr. Zempf: Well, Dr. Humbert, to you she is still the little girl that is cradled in the arms. But, to those boys over there at the Beardsley High, she is a lovely girl, you know with the swing, you know, and the jazz, and she has got the curvatures which they take a lot of notice of.”

    Peter Sellers - Dr. Zempf
    James Mason - Prof. Humbert Humbert
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9/4/20 at 12:01 AM
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