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Movie Cashback
Title Cashback
Year 2006
Director Sean Ellis
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – Since his girlfriend Suzy left him, Ben Willis has suffered from insomnia. An art student with an active imagination, Ben decides to work as a cashier in a 24/7 supermarket in order to do something during his sleepless nights. There he meets a series of colorful characters and Sharon, a girl who could help him solve his problem of insomnia.
All actors – Michelle Ryan, Sean Biggerstaff, Erica Ellis, Jay Bowen, Shaun Evans, Kenneth Fahy, Stan Ellis, Katie Ball, Emilia Fox, Stuart Goodwin, Celesta Hodge, Nia Roberts, Michael Dixon, Michael Lambourne, Hatti Riemer, Kinvara Balfour, Cherie Nichole, Winnie Li, Lene Bausager, Irene Bagach, Frank Hesketh, Hayley-Marie Coppin, Keeley Hazell, Nadia Alkhashab, Christine Fuller, Michelle Bentley, Gary Beeson, Katarina Olsson, Gayle Dudley, Nelly Lyster-Smith, Henrietta Bass, Samantha Bloom, Emilia Fenton, Nick Hancock, Howard Ward, Roddy Adair, Lee Wilson, James Smith, Wayne Ploughman, Gary McNulty, Natalie Denning, Matthew Hodgson, Tree Carr, Bianca Drakes, Katrine Falkenberg, Hayden Jones, Janine-May Tinsley, Graham Ward, Kubrick Ellis, Lucy Holt, Daphne Guinness, Just Ardalan-Raikes, Martin Ballantyne, Zola Budd, Rebecca Calder, Mary Decker, Jared Harris, Marysia Kay, Jemi Paretas, Marc Pickering
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  • “The bad news is that time flies. The good news... is that you're the pilot.”
    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
  • “Crush. It's funny how the same word for the feeling of disappointment can be used for the feeling of attraction.”
    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
  • “You can speed it up. You can slow it down. You can even freeze a moment, but you can't rewind time.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:choice, life, time]
  • “Why did we break-up? It's funny, but when I think back now, the reasons seem so small. One day she's with me and
    she's saying I love you, and the next week she's with someone else, probably saying the same thing.
    So did she really love me? What is love, anyway? And is it really that fleeting?”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
  • “Once upon a time, I wanted to know what love was.
    Love is there if you want it to be. You just have to see that
    it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life.
    If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:carpe diem, life, love]
  • “You can't undo what is done.”
    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:doing, regret]
  • “There is an art to dealing with the boredom of an 8-hour shift.
    An art to putting your mind somewhere else while the seconds slowly tick away.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
  • “This is the haunting period. The time when the demons of regret come for you.”
    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:regret, sorrow]
  • “The basic rule is this: the more you look at the clock, the slower the time goes.
    It will uncover the hiding place of your mind, and torture it with every second.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:time, waiting]
  • “A current of unknown consequences was on its way, moving towards me like an
    unstoppable wave of fate.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:fate, uncertainty]
  • “I read once about a woman whose secret fantasy was to have an affair with an artist.
    She thought he would really see her. He would see every curve, every line, every indentation and love them because
    they were part of the beauty that made her unique.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:artist, beauty]
  • “It take approximately 500 lbs to crush a human skull.
    But the human emotion is a much more delicate thing.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
  • “- Ben Willis: I've always wanted to be a painter, maybe have my work hung in a gallery one day.
    - Sharon Pintey: I've always wanted to meet a painter.
    - Ben Willis: Why?
    - Sharon Pintey: I think it might have something to do with their ability to see beauty in everything.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    Emilia Fox - Sharon Pintey
    [Tag:artist, beauty]
  • “You see, I've always wanted to be a painter, and like many artists before me,
    the female form has always been a great source of fascination.”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:artist, charm, women]