• “- Host-TV: Quite a story, yes? Any questions for Edward? Yeah, get way over. Stand right up.
    - Audience Member #1: What's been the best part of your new life here in town?
    - Edward: The friends I made.
    - Host-TV: Any other questions?
    - Audience Member #2: Have you ever thought of having corrective surgery or prosthetics? I know a doctor that might be able to help you.
    - Edward: I'd like to meet him.
    - Host-TV: We'll give that name after the show. Thank you very much. That's very nice. Anyone else? Yes, stand right up.
    - Audience Member #3: But if you had regular hands you'd be like everyone else.
    - Edward: Yes, I know.
    - Host-TV: I think he'd like that.
    - Audience Member #4: Then no one would think you're special. You wouldn't be on TV or anything.
    - Peg Boggs: No matter what, Edward will always be special.”

    John Davidson - Host-TV
    Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands
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10/20/11 at 2:45 PM
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