• - Julianne Potter: Okay, you're Michael, you're in a fancy french restaurant, you order... crème brûlée for dessert, it's beautiful, it's sweet, it's irritatingly perfect. Suddenly, Michael realizes he doesn't want crème brûlée , he wants something else.
    - Kimberly Wallace: What does he want?
    - Julianne Potter: Jello.
    - Kimberly Wallace: Jello?! Why does he want jello?
    - Julianne Potter: Because he's comfortable with jello, jello makes him... comfortable. I realize, compared to crème brûlée it's... jello, but maybe that's what he needs.
    - Kimberly Wallace: I could be jello.
    - Julianne Potter: No! Crème brûlée can never be jello, you could never be jello.
    - Kimberly Wallace: I have to be jello.
    - Julianne Potter: You're never gonna be jello. Now you have to come clean with your parents, because if you're waiting for that "Do you take this man" part, it's considered poor form.

    Julia Roberts - Julianne Potter
    Cameron Diaz - Kimberly Wallace
Quote details Movie (My Best Friend's Wedding)

10/30/12 at 9:23 AM
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