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11/10/20 at 8:59 PM
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  • “- Birthday Woman: Oh, Ronnie Dobbs. You are brilliant. You have to do me a favor.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: At your service.
    - Birthday Woman: Tell me to fuck off.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: Huh?
    - Birthday Woman's Friend: Come on, it's her birthday.
    - Ronnie Dobbs: Alright. Fuck you, bitch.”

    Laura Kightlinger - Birthday Woman
    David Cross - Ronnie Dobbs
    Jeff Garlin - Birthday Woman's friend
    [Tag:birthday, gift, insult]
  • “- Cindy Jo: I wish I'd known it was your birthday, I would have gotten you something.
    - Larry Burrows: Well, Cindy Jo, you've already given me more than you could possibly know. Really.”

    Rene Russo - Cindy Jo
    Jim Belushi - Larry Burrows
    [Tag:birthday, gift]
  • “- Chris Chandler: Is that what you want for your birthday? Everybody to pay it forward?
    - Trevor McKinney: I can't ask for that.
    - Chris Chandler: Sure you can. Why not?
    - Trevor McKinney: It wouldn't work.
    - Chris Chandler: Why?
    - Trevor McKinney: I already blew out my candles.”

    Jay Mohr - Chris Chandler
    Haley Joel Osment - Trevor McKinney
  • “- Francis Buxton: Today's my birthday and my father says I can have anything I want.
    - Pee-wee Herman: Good for you and your father.
    - Francis Buxton: So guess what I want.
    - Pee-wee Herman: A new brain.”

    Mark Holton - Francis Buxton
    Paul Reubens - Pee-wee Herman
    [Tag:birthday, brain, gift]
  • “- Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon): Happy birthday for yesterday. I mean that, sincerely, happy birthday, man.
    - Roger Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon): Thanks.
    - Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon): Maybe we'll stay alive long enough for me to buy you a present.”

    Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs
    Danny Glover - Roger Murtaugh