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5/29/16 at 7:59 PM
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  • “Men my age dictate this war. Why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?”
    Mark Rylance - Mr. Dawson
    [Tag:soldiers, son, war]
  • “- Zev Gutman: Did your father ever talk to you about Germany?
    - John Kurlander: Are you kidding me? He never stopped talking about Germany.”

    Christopher Plummer - Zev Gutman
    Dean Norris - John Kurlander
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  • “- Captain Said: What make you decide to tell me about Crystal, my main man?
    - Troy Barlow: Because we're both fathers.
    - Captain Said: I'm not father no more, you remember? My son is dead now. Can you think how would feel inside your heart if I bombed your daughter?
    - Troy Barlow: Worse than death.
    - Captain Said: That's right. Worse than death.”

    Saïd Taghmaoui - Captain Said
    Mark Wahlberg - Troy Barlow
    [Tag:loss, son, war]
  • “- Lt. General Leland Zevo: Put this place on red alert. They're as good as dead.
    - Hagenstern: That's your son, sir.
    - Lt. General Leland Zevo: War knows no relatives.”

    Sir Michael Gambon - Lt. General Leland Zevo
    Blake Clark - Hagenstern
    [Tag:son, war]
  • “We do what you say, and we go to the bank. Anything goes wrong, you're gonna turn around and I'll be gone. Okay. And if that happens, from this day on, any time your kid leaves this house to go to school, go play, see a friend, to buy a fuckin' comic book, you're gonna have to ask yourself: Is today... Jimmy Shaker day?”

    Gary Sinise - Det. Jimmy Shaker
    [Tag:death, son, threat]