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  • “Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.”
    Blake Clark
  • “That jungle is thick. I don't think anybody's even been in there. You know, you should quit now while you're alive.”

    Blake Clark - Dick
  • “- Lt. General Leland Zevo: Put this place on red alert. They're as good as dead.
    - Hagenstern: That's your son, sir.
    - Lt. General Leland Zevo: War knows no relatives.”

    Sir Michael Gambon - Lt. General Leland Zevo
    Blake Clark - Hagenstern
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  • “- Dink the Clown: I asked her what time it was, she told me it was 7:30.
    - Stenchy the Clown: That's the cornerstone of a lasting relationship, what time it is?
    - Dink the Clown: Yes, yes. Because, first I asked her what time it is, right? Tomorrow I get to ask her the date, the day after that she's all over me. That's how it works, you play it...” (continue)
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    Adam Sandler - Dink the Clown
    Blake Clark - Stenchy the Clown
  • “- Old Cajun Man: [In a muffled back water accent] Home is where you make it.
    - Joe Dirt: What?
    - Old Cajun Man: Home is where you make it.
    - Joe Dirt: You like to see homos naked?”

    Blake Clark - Old Cajun Man
    David Spade - Joe Dirt