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Immagine di Melissa Leo
Identikit and personal data
Last name
Chessington Leo
Melissa Leo
September 14, 1960
North American
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Melissa Leo quotes
  • “- Susan Plummer: Robert, I’ve been thinking: Maybe you should go back, huh? It’s great, you helping all these random people and everything, but it’s not going to fill that hole in your heart. Go home, huh? Make peace with it. That’s what Vivienne would have wanted.
    - Robert McCall: Oh, hey.
    - Susan Plummer: Always a gentleman.
    - Robert McCall:...” (continue)
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    Melissa Leo - Susan Plummer
    Denzel Washington - Robert McCall
  • “- Robert McCall: I thought you were retired.
    - Susan Plummer: Oh, I am. Just like you’re dead.”

    Denzel Washington - Robert McCall
    Melissa Leo - Susan Plummer
  • “I am a smoker, I'm ashamed to say. I had given it up for many years, then picked it up again. It's a horrible habit. I struggle with myself all the time. And I love to smoke.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “Well, I don't think of myself as a feminist at all.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “The power of television - it's so present in our lives, we don't even know how powerful it is.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “The key to acting has much more to do with listening than with talking.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “I'm very old-school. I like a director to direct me. I like to be the actor.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “An actor's life is fairly lonely.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “People often expect me to be something other than what I am.”
    Melissa Leo
  • “- Jack Jordan: It's my duty.
    - Marianne Jordan: Your duty's to your family!
    - Jack Jordan: My duty's to God.”

    Benicio del Toro - Jack Jordan
    Melissa Leo - Marianne Jordan
    [Tag:duty, family, god]
  • - Goldi Lox: Hi, my name is Goldi. Actually, it's Golda. I was born during the Six-Day War.
    - Judith "MaMa" Baer: Isn't she sweet, Papa? She'll be like the daughter we never had.
    - Goldi Lox: You'll be like the parents I brutally slaughtered!

    Cathryn de Prume - Goldi Lox
    Melissa Leo - Judith 'MaMa' Baer
    [Tag:daughter, parents]
  • “Life has to go on Jack. With or without God.”
    Melissa Leo - Marianne Jordan
    [Tag:faith, god, life]