“Beyond the Poseidon Adventure” quotes

Movie Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Title Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Year 1979
Director Irwin Allen
Genre Adventure, Action
All actors – Michael Caine, Sally Field, Telly Savalas, Peter Boyle, Jack Warden, Shirley Knight, Shirley Jones, Karl Malden, Slim Pickens, Veronica Hamel, Angela Cartwright, Mark Harmon
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  • “In times of real trouble, the one thing man can depend on is the sympathy of the bank.”
    Sir Michael Caine - Captain Mike Turner
    [Tag:bankers, crisis, hope]
  • “- Celeste Whitman: That prayer you did up there... what religion would that be?
    - Captain Stefan Svevo: Greek Orthodox.
    - Celeste Whitman: No kidding? I'm Greek Orthodox... suddenly!”

    Sally Field - Celeste Whitman
    Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo
    [Tag:prayer, religion]
  • “- Suzanne Constantine: Please can we just get out of here as quickly as possible?
    - Captain Stefan Svevo: It took two years to put this thing together. You really believe I can get off, without it?”

    Veronica Hamel - Suzanne Constantine
    Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo
  • “- Celeste Whitman: You know... I have the shortest legs of anybody here.
    - Captain Mike Turner: Do it!”

    Sally Field - Celeste Whitman
    Sir Michael Caine - Captain Mike Turner
    [Tag:body, feet]
  • “- Captain Stefan Svevo: I hope you are a religilous man, Captain. I've taken the liberty of saying a small prayer for us.
    - Captain Mike Turner: All of us?
    - Captain Stefan Svevo: Well, it is my feeling that... from this time on, our faiths are necessarily intertwined.
    - Captain Mike Turner: Good. Then you won't be offended if I remind you of...” (continue)
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    Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo
    Sir Michael Caine - Captain Mike Turner
  • “- Castorp: Why is Crate 16 so important?
    - Captain Stefan Svevo: Only one other person knew the answer to that, and that's why she had to die.”

    Dean Raphael Ferrandini - Castorp
    Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo
    [Tag:death, knowledge]
  • “- Captain Mike Turner: What are you going to do now? Go back to your chateau?
    - Celeste Whitman: There is no chateau.
    - Captain Mike Turner: Some place must be home.
    - Celeste Whitman: I'm open to suggestions.”

    Sir Michael Caine - Captain Mike Turner
    Sally Field - Celeste Whitman
    [Tag:home, place]
  • “- Larry Simpson: Theresa, your father... has he always had a one-track mind?
    - Theresa Mazzetti: You know his bark is worse than his bite. He means well.
    - Larry Simpson: I guess if I had a daughter as pretty as you are, I'd probably act the same way.”

    Mark Harmon - Larry Simpson
    Angela Cartwright - Theresa Mazzetti
  • “- Frank Mazzetti: This crap you're dishing out here, you trying to tell us you've got some kind of doomsday machine in there or something?
    - Captain Stefan Svevo: With the information commonly available today, any enterprising... science student could build a nuclear device.”

    Peter Boyle - Frank Mazzetti
    Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo