“Body of Evidence” quotes

Movie Body of Evidence
Title Body of Evidence
Year 1993
Director Uli Edel
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Rebecca Carlson has been accused by the deputy district attorney Robert Garrett. The charge against her is very serious: she is suspected of having killed Andrew Marsh, her elderly lover, who suffered from a heart condition, using her own body and subjecting him to sexual excesses. The deceased had traces of cocaine in his blood and he had named Rebecca heir to several million dollars in his will. In tears, Robert's secretary Joanne Braslow, who had loved him for many years, tells the police her suspicions. Lawyer Frank Dulaney assumes the defense of Rebecca and gets her out of jail on bail. Dulaney is very good with codes, but he is emotional, ends up infatuated with Rebecca and, because he believes her innocence, tries in every way to help her. However, he will end up involved in a spiral of sex and violence.
All actors – Madonna, Joe Mantegna, Charles Hallahan, Julianne Moore, Mark Rolston, Richard Riehle, D. Scot Douglas, Mario DePriest, John DeLay, Ross Huffman-Kerr, Anne Archer, Willem Dafoe, Mark C. Vincent, Frank Roberts, Aaron Corcoran, Timi Prulhiere, Corey Brunish, Stan Shaw, Jeff Perry, Lillian Lehman, Peter Paul Eastman, Jürgen Prochnow, Frank Langella, , John Davis Chandler, Bryan Clark, Michael Forest, John Busse, Jacque Drew, Ryal Haakenson, Steven Jaquith, William Rossman
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