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Movie Bounce
Don Roos directed this movie in 2000
Title Bounce
Year 2000
Director Don Roos
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Buddy Amaral is a charming, successful and single advertiser who works in Los Angeles. Abby Janello is a young, widowed mother forced by events to lead a very simple life. When the two meet, they both realize they have one thing in common: a difficult situation. They start dating and when the relationship deepens, Abby thinks Buddy could be her "second chance" to be happy, but the woman learns their first meeting wasn't exactly accidental as she thought.
All actors – Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natasha Henstridge, Edward Edwards, Jennifer Grey, Tony Goldwyn, Lisa Carpenter-Prewitt, Lisa Joyner, Richard Saxton, Caroline Aaron, David Dorfman, Alex D. Linz, Juan García, Mary Ellen Lyon, Joe Morton, Thea Mann, Matthew Frauman, Sam Robards, Ty Murphy, David McCharen, Julianne Christie, Jeff Garlin, Johnny Galecki, Nicole Tocantins, Ashley Montgomery, Erik Aude, Scott Alan Smith, Mark Ankeny, Julia Campbell, Michael Laskin, Michael Ayala, David St. James, Don Amendolia, John Levin, Chris Harrison, Michael R Bowman, Dan Braun, Bob Casper, Katherine Disque, Jeffrey M. Hoffman, Kimberley Kates, Mike McIntosh, David Paymer, Alastair Surprise, Andy Umberger
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