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Movie Breakdown
Jonathan Mostow directed this movie in 1997
Title Breakdown
Year 1997
Director Jonathan Mostow
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Jeff is on a road trip from Boston to San Diego with his wife Amy. Driving on the highway in the desert of the Southwest, the car breaks down. The situation is delicate because the place is isolated and far away from the nearest village. After some time, a big truck comes along. Red, the driver, stops and offers the couple a ride to the nearest place to eat. Jeff, however, wants to stay to guard the car and sends Amy alone. Soon after Jeff manages to restart the car, reaches the place indicated by Red and asks for his wife but no one has ever seen her. Anxious and nervous, Jeff begins to suspect that they are all lying. He then gets back on the road and meets Red again, who denies knowing him. Even the police do not believe the insistence of Jeff and would like to arrest him to avoid him creating problems. Jeff escapes and, by himself, begins the search for his wife. He finally finds her, prisoner of the truck driver who was acting on behalf of a gang that made tourists and passersby disappear. After a shootout and a chase, Jeff knocks Red off the bridge. Jeff and Amy are alone and the nightmare is over.
All actors – Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh, Kathleen Quinlan, M.C. Gainey, Jack Noseworthy, Rex Linn, Ritch Brinkley, Moira Sinise, Kim Robillard, Thomas Kopache, Jack McGee, Vincent Berry
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  • “If I never see another couple from Massachusetts it'll be too soon.”
    Ritch Brinkley - Al
  • “Before you get any half-baked ideas about calling in the cavalry, just remember we're gonna be watching you every step of the way. And we'll be listening to our police scanners. And if we see anything unusual, an unmarked car or truck, or if we see you talking to anyone who even remotely smells like a cop... well, you can just keep your fucking...” (continue)(continue reading)
    J. T. Walsh - Red Barr
  • “- Jeff: I don't believe this! My wife did not leave me!
    - Sheriff Boyd: Mr Taylor, I've seen it a hundred times. You put two people in a car long enough, they're gonna go at it. Lovers, married couples, gay guys - hell, I've seen men dump their women on the side of the road and vice versa.”

    Kurt Russell - Jeff Taylor
    Rex Linn - Sheriff Boyd
  • - Jeff: Give me the key.
    - Red: Mister...
    - Jeff: Don't "mister" me, you son of a bitch. My wife is locked up in a hole in your fucking barn, and if you don't give me the key, I'm gonna blow your fucking head off!

    Kurt Russell - Jeff Taylor
    J. T. Walsh - Red Barr
  • - Jeff: What do you want?
    - Red: It's not what I want, it's what you want, and how bad you want it. 'Cause it's gonna cost you. Can't show it to you right now, but it's about 5'5", 115 pounds, three or four of that just pure tit. Nice curly brown hair, upstairs and down. Interested?

    Kurt Russell - Jeff Taylor
    J. T. Walsh - Red Barr
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  • “If you win this mail-in contest, you can choose between 90,000 dollars, or 90,000 donuts. What would you do with 90,000 donuts?”

    Kathleen Quinlan - Amy Taylor
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