“Desert Blue” quotes

Movie Desert Blue
Title Desert Blue
Year 1998
Director Morgan J. Freeman
Genre Drama
All actors – Casey Affleck, Brendan Sexton III, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, John Heard, Ethan Suplee, Sara Gilbert, Isidra Vega, Peter Sarsgaard, Rene Rivera, Lee Holmes, Lucinda Jenney
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  • “- Skye Davidson: I wonder how long it's gonna take them to find our bodies.
    - Prof. Lance Davidson: Probably never. You know, that's assuming they'd even look. You know how many bodies are buried out here they've never found? San Bernardino Sheriff's Office told me that if all the dead bodies in the dessert stood up at the same time, this place...” (continue)
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    Kate Hudson - Skye Davidson
    John Heard - Prof. Lance Davidson
    [Tag:body, death]
  • “- Skye Davidson: No cable?
    - Caroline Baxter: I tried get it, but they actually wanted me to pay for 45 miles cable.
    - Prof. Lance Davidson: Sounds like a satellite dish would be cheaper.
    - Caroline Baxter: Yes, but then the aliens would know where we are.”

    Kate Hudson - Skye Davidson
    Lucinda Jenney - Caroline Baxter
    John Heard - Prof. Lance Davidson
    [Tag:money, television]
  • “- Caroline Baxter: Have you tried calling him on that cellular surveillance phone?
    - Agent Summers: I've tried, but he's not picking up.
    - Caroline Baxter: Well, I was thinking he's been abducted. Of course, it would be an odd choice.”

    Lucinda Jenney - Caroline Baxter
    Aunjanue Ellis - Agent Summers
  • “- Ely Jackson: I can blow up your dad's car. Then you can stay longer.
    - Skye Davidson: Thanks.”

    Christina Ricci - Ely Jackson
    Kate Hudson - Skye Davidson
  • “- Ely Jackson: You guys want to get cremated or buried?
    - Pete Kepler: I don't care, what ever. Bury me, burn me, why does it matter?
    - Ely Jackson: It matters. I don't want to rot in a box... bugs and worms and weird animals eat out my eyeballs.”

    Christina Ricci - Ely Jackson
    Casey Affleck - Pete Kepler
    [Tag:death, fire, grave]
  • “Now that we know everything, what do you say we just pretend that we know nothing...”

    Lucinda Jenney - Caroline Baxter
  • “- Cale: The only party I heard about is the one in your panties.
    - Haley Gordon: Oh, no. There's absolutely no way there could be a party in my panties.
    - Cale: Why not?
    - Haley Gordon: Because I'm not wearing any.”

    Ethan Suplee - Cale
    Isidra Vega - Haley Gordon