“Downfall” quotes

Movie Downfall
Title Downfall
Original title Der Untergang
Year 2004
Director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Genre Drama, History, War, Biography
All actors – Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Corinna Harfouch, Ulrich Matthes, Juliane Köhler, Heino Ferch, Christian Berkel, Matthias Habich, Thomas Kretschmann, Michael Mendl, André Hennicke, Ulrich Noethen
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  • “The war is lost... But if you think that I'll leave Berlin for that, you are sadly mistaken. I'd prefer to put a bullet in my head.”
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
    [Tag:losing, suicide, war]
  • “In a war as such there are no civilians.”
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
  • I could have said in Berlin, "No, I'm not doing that. I don't want to go the Führer's headquarters". But I didn't do that. I was too curious. I didn't realise that fate would lead me somewhere I didn't want to be. But still, I find it hard to forgive myself.
    Alexandra Maria Lara - Traudl Junge
  • “I feel no sympathy. I repeat, I feel no sympathy! The German people chose their fate. That may surprise some people. Don't fool yourself. We didn't force the German people. They gave us a mandate, and now their little throats are being cut!”
    Ulrich Matthes - Joseph Goebbels
  • “That was an order! Steiner's assault was an order! Who do you think you are to dare disobey an order I give? So this is what it has come to! The military has been lying to me. Everybody has been lying to me, even the SS! Our generals are just a bunch of contemptible, disloyal cowards.”
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
    [Tag:lies, order, treason]
  • “- General Weidling: My Führer, as a soldier I suggest we try to break through the encirclement. During the fight for Berlin we've already lost 15-20,000 of the younger officers.
    - Adolf Hitler: But that's what young men are for.”

    Michael Mendl - General Weidling
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
    [Tag:death, soldiers, youth]
  • “When I meet Eisenhower, should I give the Nazi salute, or shake his hand?”
    Ulrich Noethen - Heinrich Himmler
  • “Tomorrow millions of people will curse me, but fate has taken its course.”
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
  • “- Feldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel: Your report impressed the Führer. He has appointed you commander of Berlin's defenses.
    - General Weidling: I'd rather be shot than have this honor.”

    Dieter Mann - Feldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel
    Michael Mendl - General Weidling
  • “I won't use my final hours as Reich Chancellor to sign a statement of surrender!”
    Ulrich Matthes - Joseph Goebbels
  • “Many mistakes have been made, so be ruthless. Life never forgives weakness. This so called humanity... is just priests' drivel. Compassion is a primal sin. Compassion for the weak is a betrayal of nature.”
    Bruno Ganz - Adolf Hitler
  • “- Obergruppenführer Tellermann: A good soldier will always find something to eat.
    - Prof. Dr. Ernst-Günter Schenck: Yes. And when the fighting starts, who will he take food from? Civilians! I won't allow it!”

    Christian Berkel - Prof. Dr. Ernst-Günter Schenck
    Veit Stübner - Obergruppenführer Tellermann
    [Tag:food, people, soldiers]