“Four Feathers” quotes

Movie Four Feathers
Shekhar Kapur directed this movie in 2002
Title Four Feathers
Original title The Four Feathers
Year 2002
Director Shekhar Kapur
Genre Drama, Romance, War, Adventure
Plot – England, 1884. On the eve of his departure for Sudan where he is supposed to fight the Madhi rebels, the British Empire officer Harry leaves the army and returns home. His father disinherits him and three of his friends, including Lt. Jack Durrance and his fiancée Ethne Eustace, send him four white feathers that symbolize cowardice. When Harry receives news that Jack and his regiment have fallen into rebel hands, he leaves to save his friends.
All actors – Wes Bentley, Mohamed Bouich, Campbell Brown, Daniel Caltagirone, James Cosmo, Andy Coumbe, Angela Douglas, Karim Doukkali, Lucy Gordon, Megan Hall, James Hillier, Nick Holder
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  • “- Harry Feversham: Why are you protecting me?
    - Abou Fatma: God put you in my way. I have no choice.
    - Harry Feversham: God? An Englishman... and a Christian? You must have done something terrible to offend him.”

    Heath Ledger - Harry Feversham
    Djimon Hounsou - Abou Fatma
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  • “You may be lost, but you are not forgotten. For those who have travelled far, to fight in foreign lands, know that the soldier's greatest comfort is to have his friends close at hand. In the heat of battle it ceases to be an idea for which we fight. Or a flag. Rather we fight for the man on our left, and we fight for the man on our right. And...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Wes Bentley - Jack Durrance
  • “- Abou Fatma: Are you a deserter?
    - Harry Feversham: Something like that. I was sent to fight and I ran away. There are many reasons why. Mostly I was afraid.
    - Abou Fatma: I found you halfdead crossing the desert alone. And you say you are afraid?
    - Harry Feversham: There's a different kind of fear.”

    Djimon Hounsou - Abou Fatma
    Heath Ledger - Harry Feversham
  • “- Ethne Eustace: What is it, Harry?
    - Harry Feversham: Feathers of cowardice. Yesterday we were informed that our regement would be shipping out to Sudan. That we would be sent to war.
    - Ethne Eustace: You don't know where they were sending you, you said it yourself. You did it for me. No one in their right mind could call you a coward....” (continue)
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    Kate Hudson - Ethne Eustace
    Heath Ledger - Harry Feversham
  • “You laugh like an Englishman.”

    Djimon Hounsou - Abou Fatma
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  • “- Harry Feversham: I've left the army. There was talk they might send us abroad. For a year or two. I didn't want to wait that long to get married.
    - Ethne Eustace: I would have waited. Or come with you. My mother did the same for my father.
    - Harry Feversham: Yes, I know, but it tisn't what I wanted for us. You're all that matters to me now.”

    Heath Ledger - Harry Feversham
    Kate Hudson - Ethne Eustace
  • “There is only one sacrifice nobler than sacrificing one's self for their country; that is marrying a man who does.”
    Tim Pigott-Smith - General Feversham
  • “When something like this happens you are lost. You don't know who you are anymore and what you're capable of. Unless I do something, this is always how people will remember me. A feather. And that is how I will always see myself: a coward. All I know is that I can't live with myself like this.”
    Heath Ledger - Harry Feversham
  • “Don't worry. They're only women. They won't bite.”

    Michael Sheen - William Trench
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