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Movie Hoffa
Danny DeVito directed this movie in 1992
Title Hoffa
Year 1992
Director Danny DeVito
Genre Drama, Crime, Biography
Plot – During the Great Depression, life on the road was very hard and often very dangerous. Truck drivers were paid to meet deadlines, not to sleep. Wages were low, overtime pay was modest or non-existent and the law offered no protection to the workers. The only protection offered came from the union, but truck drivers found it very difficult to organize one, because they were always on the road. In the 1930s, however, the US trade union movement grew and consolidated its power, obtaining wage increases, a safety regulation, an anti-dismissal protection and other benefits for thousands of workers, often at the cost of fierce fighting against those who tried to oppose the unions with intimidation, violence, crossing picket lines, or even police intervention. One charismatic figure of this movement was James R. Hoffa, who wrote the fate of the most powerful American union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
All actors – Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Armand Assante, J.T. Walsh, John C. Reilly, Frank Whaley, Kevin Anderson, John P. Ryan, Robert Prosky, Natalija Nogulich, Nicholas Pryor, Paul Guilfoyle
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