“Muriel's Wedding” quotes

Movie Muriel's Wedding
P.J. Hogan directed this movie in 1994
Title Muriel's Wedding
Year 1994
Director P.J. Hogan
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
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Plot – At the seaside resort in Porpoise Spit, people spend their days partying, gossiping and listening to ABBA. Muriel isn’t a gorgeous girl, but she's still waiting for Prince Charming. Despite the friends’ irony and the relatives’ disapproval, she goes to Sidney. This modern version of “Cinderella” had more success in the United States than in its homeland qnd all credits go to the funny and lively protagonist.
All actors – Sophie Lee, Roz Hammond, Toni Collette, Belinda Jarrett, Pippa Grandison, Bill Hunter, Jeanie Drynan, Dan Wyllie, Gabby Millgate, Gennie Nevinson, Rachel Griffiths, Matt Day, Chris Haywood, Daniel Lapaine, Susan Prior, Nathan Kaye, Cecily Polson, Rob Steele, Geneviève Picot, Richard Sutherland, Steve Smith, Katie Saunders, Dene Kermond, Jeamin Lee, Jon-Claire Lee, Kuni Hashimoto, Ken Senga, Des Rodgers, Rohan Jones, Scott Hall-Watson, Craig Olson, Justin Witham, Rodney Arnold, Barry Crocker, Steve Cox, Kevin Copeland, James Schramko, Richard Morecroft, Richard Carter, John Gaden, Heather Mitchell, Heidi Lapaine, Di Smith, Darrin Klimek, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Kirsty Hinchcliffe, Robert Alexander, Troy Hardy, Robyn Pitt Owen, Annie Byron, Jacqueline Linke, Alvaro Marques, Fiona Sullivan, Ineke Rapp, Julian Garner, Vincent Ball, John Hoare, Frankie Davidson, Louise Cullen, Basil Clarke, John Walton, Daniel Hepner, John Michael Howson, Fred Rouady
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