“Peter Pan” quotes

Movie Peter Pan
P.J. Hogan directed this movie in 2003
Title Peter Pan
Year 2003
Director P.J. Hogan
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy
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Plot – In London every night Wendy Darling entertains his two little brothers with fascinating stories of Captain Hook, the legendary pirate who doesn't fear anything except the ticking of the clock. Her stories are so engaging that Peter Pan himself every night leaves Neverland to listen to Wendy. The girl is now a Miss and must leave her house to go under the supervision of Aunt Millicent. Peter Pan and the fairy Tinker Bell rescue her and invite Wendy and her brothers to Neverland where adults' rules are banned. Many adventures are waiting the Darling's, while Peter Pan meets for the final showdown his enemy Captain Hook.
All actors – Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lynn Redgrave, Richard Briers, Olivia Williams, Geoffrey Palmer, Harry Newell, Freddie Popplewell, Ludivine Sagnier, Theodore Chester, Rupert Simonian, George MacKay, Harry Eden, Patrick Gooch, Lachlan Gooch, Carsen Gray, Maggie Dence, Kerry Walker, Mathew Waters, Alan Cinis, Frank Whitten, Bruce Spence, Dan Wyllie, Brian Carbee, Don Battee, Frank Gallacher, Septimus Caton, Jacob Tomuri, Venant Wong, Phil Meacham, Darren Andrew Mitchell, Michael Roughan, Bill Kerr, Celeste MacIlwaine, Spike Hogan, Patrick Hurd-Wood, Brooke Duncan, Themora Bourne, Alexander Bourne, Bruce Myles, Maya Barnaby, Tory Mussett, Ursula Mills, Nadia Pirini, Vij Kaewsanan, Janet Strauss, Sam Morely, Brendan Shambrook, Saffron Burrows, Rebel
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