“My Favorite Martian” quotes

Movie My Favorite Martian
Title My Favorite Martian
Year 1999
Director Donald Petrie
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family
Plot – Tim O'Hara is an ambitious television reporter but his enthusiasm is curbed by his boss, who dislikes him for dating to his daughter Brace and keeps him on the edge of things. One day Tim comes across a Martian who has accidentally crashed to Earth with his spacecraft. Tim thinks he has finally found his scoop which even his rude boss should give him some credit for. However now he has to deal with the Martian, who does not want to reveal his presence. Moreover, he assumes human form, names himself Martin, claims to be Tim's uncle and tries to figure out what his chances are of returning home. Tim's attempts to divulge the news are outmaneuvered by the alien, who always proves to be the more ingenious of the two. At one point Martin convinces Tim to help him repair his faulty spaceship. Tim then comes into contact with Lizzie, operator of the machine. The ship disappears and Martin ends up in an operating room where a mad surgeon wants to open him up. Martin's helper Zut intervenes and the alien is freed. In the meantime, the spaceship has been found and is on the lawn ready to leave. With others, Martin takes off to Mars. Tim and Lizzy are at home, when they hear a noise. Martin is back, he has decided to live on Earth.
All actors – Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Daniels, Elizabeth Hurley, Daryl Hannah, Wallace Shawn, Christine Ebersole, Michael Lerner, Ray Walston, Shelley Malil, Jeremy Hotz, T.K. Carter, Dawn Maxey
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