“Once Upon a Crime” quotes

Movie Once Upon a Crime
Eugene Levy directed this movie in 1992
Title Once Upon a Crime
Original title Once Upon a Crime...
Year 1992
Director Eugene Levy
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Plot – In Montecarlo, clever police inspector Bonnard begins an investigation to find the murderer of Madame Van Dougen. He has seven suspects: Phoebe, a penniless attractive young woman, Julian Peters, an unemployed actor who has arrived in town by train to return the dachshund Napoleon to the rich Madame Van Dougen for a generous reward; spouses Neil and Marilyn Schwary, who have come into possession of the suitcase containing the dissected corpse of the murdered woman; a die-hard gambler, the fat Augie Morosco, who was once interested in buying the dachshund to ingratiate himself with his wife Elena and who claims to have been in her company at the time of the murder. Elena, however, exasperated by her husband's continuous relapses into his gambling addiction, was with the play boy Alfonso de la Pena, Madame Van Dougen's lover. After many misunderstandings Bonnard discovers that Madame Van Dougen's servants have killed the woman to take over her assets, which go to whoever has custody of Napoleon, and that is Alfonso de la Pena.
All actors – John Candy, Jim Belushi, Cybill Shepherd, Sean Young, Richard Lewis, Ornella Muti, Giancarlo Giannini, George Hamilton, Roberto Sbaratto, Joss Ackland, Ann Way, Geoffrey Andrews
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