“Fletch Lives” quotes

Movie Fletch Lives
Title Fletch Lives
Year 1989
Director Michael Ritchie
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
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Plot – I.M. Fletcher is an unpredictable and resourceful reporter from Los Angeles. Upon inheriting an abandoned villa and plantation, Fletcher goes to Belle Island to take possession of his properties. Unfortunately, once there he witnesses the death of Amanda Ray Ross, the solicitor who had informed him of this legacy. Arrested by the sheriff and then released on bail thanks to Hamilton Johnson, a wealthy landowner, Fletcher begins to investigate on his own. He finds out that many people are interested in taking possession of his dilapidated property, which is above all incomprehensibly overflowing with radioactive substances. Dodging swindlers and shady dealers, sometimes resorting to disguises and escaping intrigues and dangers, the tenacious Fletcher is able to defend his inheritance and to cooperate with the police, who have long suspected that shady deals and illegal dumping were taking place on Belle Isle.
All actors – Chevy Chase, Hal Holbrook, Julianne Phillips, R. Lee Ermey, Richard Libertini, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Cleavon Little, George Wyner, Patricia Kalember, Geoffrey Lewis, Richard Belzer, Phil Hartman
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