“Rich and Famous” quotes

Movie Rich and Famous
George Cukor directed this movie in 1981
Title Rich and Famous
Year 1981
Director George Cukor
Genre Drama
Plot – Merry Noel escapes with a guy to California. Her best friend Liz promises her they will see each other again. In fact they meet ten years after in Hollywood, where Merry Noel leads a worldly life with her boring husband, while Liz has become a successful writer. Merry Noel wants to hit the big time too so she publishes her diary about her neighbors' frivolities, becoming famous indeed but still longing for Liz's successes. At the end, the two women find themselves alone during a melancholy New Year's Eve, finding back their past friendship.
All actors – Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen, David Selby, Hart Bochner, Steven Hill, Meg Ryan, Matt Lattanzi, Daniel Faraldo, Nicole Eggert, Joe Maross, Kres Mersky, Cloyce Morrow, Cheryl Robinson, Allan Warnick, Ann Risley, Damion Scheller, Haley Fox, Fay Kanin, Tara Simpson, Herb Graham, Charlotte Moore, William G. Schilling, John Perkins, Herbert Bress, Alan Berliner, Don Bachardy, Ruth Storey, Marsha A. Hunt, Christopher Isherwood, Pola Miller, Paul Morrissey, Jennifer Nairn-Smith, Karen Somerville, Roger Vadim, Sandra Smith Allyn, Frances Bergen, Ray Bradbury, Ellen Brill, Gwen Davis, Frank De Felitta, Michael Dewell, Nina Foch, Elizabeth Forsythe-Hailey, Oliver Hailey, Randal Kleiser, Gavin Lambert, Michael Brandon, Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin, Betty Keeney, Dack Rambo
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