“Romancing the Stone” quotes

Movie Romancing the Stone
Robert Zemeckis directed this movie in 1984
Title Romancing the Stone
Year 1984
Director Robert Zemeckis
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Action
Plot – Joan Wilder is a shy writer of romances and somebody informs her that her sister has been kidnapped in Colombia. She was looking for her missing husband who, before dying, sent her a map to find a precious green stone. Joan decides to travel to Colombia to exchange the map with her sister's freedom. In Cartagena she's pursued not only by the kidnappers but even by a dangerous drug dealer who wants the map. Jack Colton, an adventurer who looks like one of her novels' heroes, intervenes by her side living with her many adventures, fortunately with a happy ending. When Joan returns to New York she's completely different. She's more beautiful, self-confident and very much in love.
All actors – Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Zack Norman, Alfonso Arau, Manuel Ojeda, Holland Taylor, Mary Ellen Trainor, Eve Smith, Joe Nesnow, José Chávez, Evita Muñoz 'Chachita', Camillo García, Rodrigo Puebla, Paco Morayta, Jorge Zamora, Kymberly Herrin, William H. Burton Jr., Ted White, Manuel E. Santiago, Ron Silver, Michael Cassidy, Vince Deadrick Sr., Richard Drown, Joe Finnegan, Jimmy Medearis, Jeff Ramsey, , Lorna Lable, Jos Laniado
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