“Rules of Engagement” quotes

Movie Rules of Engagement
Title Rules of Engagement
Year 2000
Director William Friedkin
Genre Drama, Thriller, War
Plot – Colonel Terry Childers, a highly decorated officer who fought in Vietnam, Beirut and in Desert Storm, is a veteran of the Marine corps with 30 years of career behind him: in short, he's a hero. Now the same country he has served so faithfully puts him on trial because of a rescue mission ended up in tragedy. He chooses as his lawyer Colonel Hays Hodges, a brother-in-arms to whom he saved the life. Hodges isn't the best lawyer around, but Childers trusts him blindly because he understands his actions. Driven by duty and friendship, Hodges accepts the case with some reluctance as he's starting to doubt Childers too.
All actors – Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Greenwood, Anne Archer, Blair Underwood, Philip Baker Hall, Dale Dye, Amidou, Mark Feuerstein, Richard McGonagle
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