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Movie Michael Collins
Neil Jordan directed this movie in 1996
Title Michael Collins
Year 1996
Director Neil Jordan
Genre Drama, Thriller, War, Biography
Plot – In 1916, during the revolt known as the Easter Rising, Irish revolutionaries surrendered to the overwhelming military power of the British Army after six days of resistance from their headquarters of the Post Office in Dublin. Among the revolutionary leaders, only the American citizen Eamon de Valera is spared from the firing squad. Many followers, including Michael Collins and his close friend Harry Boland, end up in prison. Once released, the two find themselves being the new leaders of the Irish independence movement. Collins throws himself headlong into the political and military struggle against British rule, traveling the country and making converts with his highly effective speeches and with his magnetic personality. After a violent confrontation with the Royal Irish police, his injuries are treated by Kitty Kiernan, a young woman whose beauty and independence grabs the attention of both Collins and Boland. Collins organizes a secret fearless force - the Irish Volunteers - which launches attacks out of nowhere against the British army and the British police.
All actors – Ian Hart, Julia Roberts, Richard Ingram, Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, John Kenny, Ronan McCairbre, Jer O'Leary, Michael Dwyer, Martin Murphy, Alan Rickman, Sean McGinley, Gary Whelan, Frank O'Sullivan, Stephen Rea, Frank Laverty, Owen O'Neill, Stuart Graham, Brendan Gleeson, Gerard McSorley, Liam De Staic, Owen Roe, Paul Bennett, Claude Clancy, Paul Hickey, Tom Murphy, David Gorry, Gary Lydon, David Wilmot, Joe Hanley, Colm Coogan, Aiden Grennell, Dave Seymour, Ian McElhinney, Tony Clarkin, Charles Dance, Luke Hayden, Gary Powell, Max Hafler, Aidan Kelly, Jim Isherwood, Michael James Ford, Mal Whyte, Martin Phillips, Aisling O'Sullivan, Malcolm Douglas, Brian 'Joker' Mulvey, Frank Patterson, Peter O'Brien, Michael McCabe, Vinnie McCabe, Alan Stanford, Gary Mullan, Barry Barnes, Denis Conway, Don Wycherley, Paraic Breathnach, Terry Woods, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sean Hodkinson, Reamonn O'Byrne, Conor Breen, Michael Collins, David Lloyd George, Gareth Molan, Jean Kennedy Smith
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