“Session 9” quotes

Movie Session 9
Title Session 9
Year 2001
Director Brad Anderson
Genre Horror, Mystery
All actors – David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle, Josh Lucas, Peter Mullan, Brendan Sexton III, Charley Broderick, Lonnie Farmer, Larry Fessenden, Jurian Hughes, Sheila Stasack, Sean Daly
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  • “And then... just so her mommy and daddy wouldn't get mad, I told her... to cut them up, too. There was a lot of blood, Doc. So much blood... But Mary wanted to do it. So, she did it.”

    Jurian Hughes - Mary Hobbes
    [Tag:blood, choice, murder]
  • “- Doctor: Why are you crying, Mary?
    - Mary Hobbes: I miss my family. How come they won't come visit, Doctor?”

    Lonnie Farmer - Doctor
    Jurian Hughes - Mary Hobbes
  • “Just because you say you don't want something doesn't mean you don't want it.”
    Stephen Gevedon - Mike
  • “I just wanted to say that... I'm so sorry for what's happened... I'm so lonelyhere, I want to go home... I just want to hold you, I want to hold my baby... can you forgive me... can you forgive me?”

    Peter Mullan - Gordon Fleming
  • “I wanted to celebrate gettin' this job. I had the flowers, I had the champagne. I went into the kitchen. She was cookin' pasta. I wanted to kiss her. She turned around and before I knew it, there was a pot of boiling water all over my leg. And I don't know if it was the dog barkin', I don't know if it was Emma cryin', but I slapped her. I hit my...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Peter Mullan - Gordon Fleming
  • “The icepick method. Insert a thin metal pipette into the orbital frontal cortex. Enter the soft tissue of the frontal lobe. A few simple, smooth, up-and-down jerks sever the lateral hypothalamus... all resulting in a rapid reduction of stress for our little patient here. Total time elapsed? Two minutes. Only side-effect? Black eye. Recommended...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Stephen Gevedon - Mike
    [Tag:brain, doctors, stress]
  • “- Gordon Fleming: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
    - Phil: You mean aside from coming to work for you?... Well, I would have to say introducing Hank to Amy. That was pretty fucking stupid. I'd like to have that one back.”

    Peter Mullan - Gordon Fleming
    David Caruso - Phil
    [Tag:regret, stupidity]
  • “Madness is just overactive curiosity.”
    Josh Lucas - Hank
  • “She was forced to watch as her mother would cut the baby's heart out with a stone dagger. She'd drink the blood; others would eat the flesh. The grandfather and father would fuck her repeatedly. She was forced to have abortions and cook the aborted fetuses.”

    Stephen Gevedon - Mike
  • “- Doctor: And where do you live, Simon?
    - Mary Hobbes: I live in the weak and the wounded... Doc.”

    Lonnie Farmer - Doctor
    Jurian Hughes - Mary Hobbes