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Movie Wilde
Title Wilde
Year 1997
Director Brian Gilbert
Genre Drama, Romance, Biography
Plot – In 1883 Oscar Wilde returns to London full of exuberance after a tour in the United States and a visit to some miners. He happily marries Constance Lloyd and they have two sons. One evening Robert Ross, a young Canadian host at Wilde's, seduces Oscar and the poet faces some homosexual feelings he has actually experienced since school days. As his career continues, the risk of a scandal increases too. In 1892, at the premiere of "Lady Windermere's Fan", Oscar is introduced to an Oxford student, Lord Alfred Douglas, called Bosie. Between them begins a passionate and stormy relationship, then Oscar begins to visit the city's brothels to stay with guys, neglecting his wife and children. Bosie's father opposes to his son's scandalous affair and threatens Bosie who in turn convinces Oscar to sue his father for defamation. Since homosexuality is illegal, the man sues Oscar, who is pleaded guilty and sentenced two years of hard labor. In prison he writes a letter to Bosie, "De Profundis", explaining they will never meet again. Constance moves to Italy where she dies. Released from prison in 1897, Wilde travels to Italy where he meets Bosie: their old passion turns on again.
All actors – Stephen Fry, Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave, Jennifer Ehle, Gemma Jones, Judy Parfitt, Michael Sheen, Zoë Wanamaker, Tom Wilkinson, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Mills, Jason Morell
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  • “I do believe in anything, provided it is incredible. That's why I intend to die a Catholic, though I never could live as one.”
    Stephen Fry - Oscar Wilde
  • “People have never understood the courage he needed to be himself.”
    Jennifer Ehle - Constance Wilde
  • “There are two boys waiting out there, and if you're not coming I'll fuck them both myself! I'll take them to the Grand and fuck them in front of the whole fucking hotel and I'll send you the bill!”
    Jude Law - Lord Alfred Douglas
  • “- Lord Alfred Douglas: You like to write about dukes and duchesses, but you know nothing about them. You're the biggest snob I've ever met, and you think you're so daring because you fuck the occasional boy.
    - Oscar Wilde: Bosie, please... You're killing me...
    - Lord Alfred Douglas: You just about do when you're at your best. You're amusing,...” (continue)
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    Jude Law - Lord Alfred Douglas
    Stephen Fry - Oscar Wilde
  • “Men shouldn't be charming. It's disgusting!”
    Tom Wilkinson - The Marquess of Queensberry
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  • “It is beautiful. It is fine. It is the noblest form of affection. There is nothing unnatural about it. It is intellectual. And it repeatedly exists between an elder and a younger man when the elder has intellect and the younger man has all the joy, hope and glamour of life before him. That it should be so, the world does not understand. The...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Stephen Fry - Oscar Wilde
  • "The love that dare not speak its name", in this century, is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man as there was between David and Johnathan. Such as Plato made the very basis of his philosophy, and such as you may find in the sonnets of Michelangelo or Shakespeare. It is, in this century, misunderstood.

    Stephen Fry - Oscar Wilde
  • “In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it.”
    Stephen Fry - Oscar Wilde
  • “There must be censorship or people would say what they meant, and then where should we be?”
    Judy Parfitt - Lady Mount-Temple
  • “- John Gray: I loved him.
    - Robbie Ross: Well, now he's fallen in love.
    - John Gray: I'm halfway to hellfire and I'm not joking.
    - Robbie Ross: Someone else was a carpenter's son. I've given in and become a Catholic. I find confession wonderfully consoling.
    - John Gray: I can't go to confession when I want to kill Bosie... and myself...”

    Ioan Gruffudd - John Gray
    Michael Sheen - Robbie Ross
  • “My dear Constance, the name of Wilde will be a word of execration for the next thousand years.”
    Judy Parfitt - Lady Mount-Temple
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