“Dangerous Beauty” quotes

Movie Dangerous Beauty
Title Dangerous Beauty
Year 1998
Director Marshall Herskovitz
Genre Drama, Romance, Biography
Plot – In Venice, in 1583, beautiful young Veronica Franco is in love with Marco, but their relationship is doomed. His family is noble and he is destined to cover high offices; she has no titles and, on top of that, her reputation is questionable as her mother Paola was a courtesan for many years. Since no other alternative seems possible, Paola starts her daughter out in the profession of courtesan. Intelligent and able to capitalize on her education and art training, Veronica soon becomes the most famous and desired courtesan in Venice. However, this comes at the expense of being with the man she loves. Marco becomes a senator of the Republic, while Veronica comes into contact with powerful men and learns of important secrets. Venice is at war and the wives must get in touch with Veronica to have news of their husbands and the developments of the military actions. The Turkish threat looms, Venice needs ships and they must be asked for from the King of France. Veronica manages to be the decisive intermediary who convinces the ruler. The Inquisition, however, accuses Veronica of witchcraft. The girl is brought to trial and is commanded to admit her sins, or she will be sentenced to death. Marco is present and takes Veronica's defense. Gradually, the situation is reversed. All the noblemen who have been in Veronica's company stand up and the woman manages to escape. Even the love story with Marco can surface.
All actors – Catherine McCormack, Rufus Sewell, Oliver Platt, Fred Ward, Naomi Watts, Moira Kelly, Jacqueline Bisset, Jeroen Krabbé, Joanna Cassidy, Melina Kanakaredes, Daniel Lapaine, Justine Miceli, Jake Weber, Simon Dutton, Grant Russell, Peter Eyre, Carla Cassola, Gianni Musy, Michael Culkin, Ralph Riach, Charlotte Randle, Alberto Rossatti, Anna Sozzani, Luis Molteni, Tim McMullan, Richard O'Callaghan, Lenore Lohman, Maude Bonanni, Gaia Zoppi, Roberto Corbiletto, Annelie Harryson, David Gant, Daniele Ciampi, Elena Mita, Federico Mita, Francesca Lucidi, Simona Nobili, Lena Guthorsen, Valentina Ardeatini, Tiziana Della Spina, Anna Maria Minati, Ilaria De Vincenzis, Cristina Rinaldi, Garmy Sall, Anna Maria Malipiero, Flaminia Fegarotti, Federica Federici, Angela Camuso, Patrizia Leonet, Elide Marigliani, Natascia Pastorello, Barbara Di Dio, Fulvia Lorenzetti, Olfa Ben Romdane, Laura Tedesco, Emy Kay, , Davide Cincis, Ralph Morse
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