“Sweet November” quotes

Movie Sweet November
Title Sweet November
Year 2001
Director Pat O'Connor
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Nelson Moss and Sara Deever have nothing in common except for an unnerving hour spent on the Department of Motor Vehicles's premises. She is a charming girl who brings out the best in men. He is a selfish workaholic advertiser whose only intimate relationship is with his latest project, until he meets Sara. Interested in each other, but not yet ready to commit, they choose a rather original way to get to know each other: they try their relationship for a month, then they each go their way. No expectations, no pressure, no ties. The only thing that neither of them has taken into consideration is the possibility of falling in love.
All actors – Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs, Greg Germann, Liam Aiken, Robert Joy, Lauren Graham, Michael Rosenbaum, Frank Langella, Jason Kravits, Ray Baker, Tom Bullock, Adele Proom, L. Peter Callender, June Carryl, Kelvin Han Yee, David Fine, Elizabeth Weber, Doreen Foo Croft, Susan Zelinsky, Kathy Garver, Chuck Isen, Igor Hiller, Chase Oliver, Nathan McAlone, Garth Kravits, Karina Andrews, Sanford Marshall, Tessa Koning-Martinez, Diane Amos, Jeffrey Patrick Dean, Diana C. Weng, Milo Young, Meghan Marx, Rueben Grundy, Raquel Aurilia, Kaliopi Eleni, Eric Kouba, Kathy McGraw, Tyler Bell, Ann W. Leon, Lisa Marie Tudor, John Lewis, Andy Arness, Joe Bellan, Presciliana Esparolini, Jesse Jensen, Whayne Jerome-Clayton, Peter Kepler, Brian Leonard
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