“Tank Girl” quotes

Movie Tank Girl
Title Tank Girl
Year 1995
Director Rachel Talalay
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action
Plot – In 2033, the Earth has become an immense desert, ruled by the "Water and Power" department, which controls the water reserves. Rebecca lives in a rebel community with her boyfriend Sam. One night, the troops of the department burst into the community, killing people and kidnapping the girl, who is sentenced to hard labor in the mines. However, helped by Jet, a woman who works as a mechanic, Rebecca escapes on a tanker and finds out that Sam is alive.
All actors – Lori Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts, Don Harvey, Jeff Kober, Reg E. Cathey, Scott Coffey, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Linn Ramsower, Ann Cusack, Brian Wimmer, Iggy Pop
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  • Listen up, cause I'm only telling you this once. I'm not bedtime story lady, so pay attention. It's 2033. The world is screwed now. You see, a while ago this humongous comet came crashing into the earth. Bam, total devastation. End of the world as we know it. No celebrities, no cable TV, no water. It hasn't rained in 11 years. Now 20 people...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Lori Petty - Tank Girl
  • “- Donner: Wanna dance?
    - Jet Girl: I don't know how.
    - Donner: It's okay, I brought condoms!”

    Scott Coffey - Donner
    Naomi Watts - Jet Girl
    [Tag:dancing, flirting, sex]
  • “- Soldier: That cut looks painful.
    - Tank Girl: I like pain.”

    Lori Petty - Tank Girl
    [Tag:pain, wound]
  • “- Booga: That isn't what they want us to think, that way we'll think what they think we might think, but actually...
    - T-Saint: Booga.
    - Booga: Huh?
    - T-Saint: Try not to speak.”

    Jeff Kober - Booga
    Ice-T - T-Saint
  • “- T-Saint: How much did they pay you to spy on us?
    - Tank Girl: Two dollars and fifteen cents!”

    Ice-T - T-Saint
    Lori Petty - Tank Girl
    [Tag:cheating, payment]
  • “I was a dog, but because I was really good, they moved me up to human being status.”
    Jeff Kober - Booga
  • “How come you always do that? How come you always cover your mouth when you smile? You got bad teeth or somethin'?”

    Lori Petty - Tank Girl
    [Tag:laughing, teeth]
  • “- Kesslee: Eight, eight, the burning hate. Between Sunday and Monday there lies a day so dark it will devastate.
    - Tank Girl: Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry shit continues, shoot me now, please.”

    Malcom McDowell - Kesslee
    Lori Petty - Tank Girl