“The Big Kahuna” quotes

Movie The Big Kahuna
Title The Big Kahuna
Year 1999
Director John Swanbeck
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – In Wichita, Kansas, three sellers wait for the beginning of a convention as they must convince some potential customers to buy their company's industrial lubricants. Larry and Phil work together and are friends since many years, while Bob is a newly recruit and has to gain some experience. While waiting they talk to each other and eat something, then the convention follows its usual course. When every customer is gone, Larry finds that their biggest potential customers, Dick Fuler, wasn't present. Bob says Fuler would have gone to a private party, so Larry wants to go there immediately, but Phil thinks it's better Bob goes alone. While they wait, Phil talks to Larry about God, friendship and affections, until Bob comes back saying he has talked to Fuler about Christ. Bob and Larry argue very lively, then the morning after Larry sees Bob speaking with Fuler and they exchange a smile from afar.
All actors – Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito, Peter Facinelli, Paul Dawson, Christopher Donahue, Ron Komora, Frank L. Messina, George F. Miller
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