• “- Barnaby: Who is it?
    - Stan: It's me.
    - Barnaby: What do you want of this hour of the night?
    - Stan: Well, you see, Ollie and I are sorry for what happened this afternoon, and just to show you that we're not mad at you, we brought you a little Christmas present. It's from me and from Ollie.
    - Stan: Christmas present in the middle of July?
    - Barnaby: Oh, oh, yes. You see, we always do our Christmas shopping early. If you'll open the door, I'll bring it right in for you.
    - Barnaby: I'll be right down.”

    Henry Brandon - Barnaby
    Stan Laurel - Stan
Quote details Movie (Babes in Toyland)

5/26/99 at 11:12 AM
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