• “- Catholic Clergyman: Christ is more properly referred to as the son of God.
    - Eddie Mannix: Not sure I follow, Padre.
    - Rabbi: Young man, you don't follow for a very simple reason; these men are screwballs. God has children? What, and a dog? A collie, maybe? God doesn't have children. He's a bachelor. And very angry.
    - Protestant Clergyman: He used to be angry.
    - Rabbi: What, he got over it?
    - Catholic Clergyman: You worship the god of another age!
    - Catholic Clergyman: Who has no love!
    - Rabbi: Not true! He likes Jews.”

    Robert Pike Daniel - Catholic Clergyman
    Josh Brolin - Eddie Mannix
    Robert Picardo - Rabbi
    Allan Havey - Protestan Clergyman
Quote details Movie (Hail, Caesar!)

2/14/18 at 3:31 AM
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