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Movie Nuns on the Run
Jonathan Lynn directed this movie in 1990
Title Nuns on the Run
Year 1990
Director Jonathan Lynn
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Brian Hope and Charlie McManus are two London gangsters and work for the cruel Casey. While looking for ways to leave the gang without getting killed by the boss, Brian meets a pretty waitress in a bar: Faith is an university student who he helps to avoid getting fired and they fall in love. Casey orders the two gangsters to find out where the ruthless Chinese mafia Triads keeps the drug money it recycles and they think of stealing the booty and fleeing the country. The day of the robbery, Faith warns them that she has learned by chance that the boss wants to kill them once they get the money. Therefore, Brian and Charlie try to escape with two suitcases full of money while the Chinese and the gangsters are fighting. Chased by both groups, the two friends are forced to take refuge in a nunnery with an adjoining college, where they disguise themselves as missionaries - Sister Eufemia and Sister Inviolata. Charlie is a Catholic and is nephew to a nun so has some experience in the field. While Casey's gang, the Triads and the police search for two gangsters, Sister Inviolata is appointed as the coach of the basketball team and Sister Eufemia is ordered to teach religion to the girls. Meanwhile, Faith happens to enter the convent, but since she does not have her glasses, she does not recognize the two fake nuns. As she wants to confess, Brian is forced to pose as the priest in the confessional to dissuade her from revealing to the police that her lover took part in the recent robbery. At the same time the Mother Superior confesses to the Auditor of the convent that a large sum of money intended for a drug re-hab center has been lost at the races by Sister Maria, who has a liking for liquor. Later Brian and Charlie reach the hospital where Faith has been hospitalized for a minor accident. They dress up as nurses, flee with Faith and the two suitcases, but lose one that is then found and kept by the Mother Superior. Finally at the airport disguised as flight attendants, the three leave for Brazil with one suitcase full of money.
All actors – Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrane, Camille Coduri, Janet Suzman, Doris Hare, Lila Kaye, Robert Patterson, Robert Morgan, Winston Dennis, Tom Hickey, Colin Campbell, Richard Simpson
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