• “- Charlie: Is it true? You were really a Hawk?
    - Gordon: Yeah.
    - Charlie: Peter said you blew a really big game once.
    - Gordon: Yeah, well, Peter's right. It was the last game of the state finals. We were tied in the end of the third period. I get a penalty shot. I go in, I triple deke. I fake the goalie right out of his pads. The puck's headed in, and then...Clang! Hits the post. We lost in overtime. A quarter of an inch this way and it would have gone in. A quarter of an inch, Charlie.
    - Charlie: Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way and you'd have missed completely.
    - Gordon: I never thought of it that way.”

    Joshua Carter Jackson - Charlie Conway
    Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
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10/8/16 at 5:27 PM
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