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7/18/10 at 12:37 AM
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  • “It's true we Americans don't know very much about you Japanese. And we never did. And now I realize you know even less about us. You can kill us. All of us, or part of us. But if you think that's going to put the fear of God into the United States of America, and stop them from sending other flyers to bomb you, you're wrong.”
    Dana Andrews - Capt. Harvey Ross
    [Tag:america, japan, war]
  • “- Dr. Rawlins: You admire the Japanese?
    - Jim: Well, they're brave, aren't they?
    - Dr. Rawlins: That's important, is it, Jim?
    - Jim: It's a good thing if you want to win a war.
    - Dr. Rawlins: But we don't want them to win, do we. Remember, we're British.”

    Nigel Havers - Dr. Rawlins
    Christian Bale - Jim
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  • “- President Barbara Adams: Where is the sanity in bombing millions of innocent people?
    - Sir Mortimer Chris: It shut Japan up, didn't it?”

    Loretta Swit - President Barbara Adams
    Peter Cook - Sir Mortimer Chris
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  • “- Sister Margaretta: Reverend Mother, I have sinned.
    - Sister Berthe: I, too, Reverend Mother.
    - Mother Abbess: What is this sin, my children?
    [the nuns look at each other, then reveal from under their robes the distributor and coil they have removed from the Germans' cars]”

    Anna Lee - Sister Margaretta
    Portia Nelson - Sister Berthe
    Peggy Wood - Mother Abbess
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  • “- Henry Ford II: This isn't the first time Ford Motors' gone to war. We know how to do more than push papers. Go ahead, Carroll. Go to war.
    - Carroll Shelby: Thank you, sir.”

    Tracy Letts - Henry Ford II
    Matt Damon - Carroll Shelby
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