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11/27/15 at 10:19 PM
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  • “With a law degree you're taking on insurance. After that you can do anything you want.”

    Al Pacino - Michael Corleone
  • “- Roland Leighton: When we're at Oxford, we'll be able to see each other every day.
    - Vera Brittain: I'll be concentrating on my work.
    - Roland Leighton: Well, you'll need fresh air, surely. And a chaperone.”

    Kit Harington - Roland Leighton
    Alicia Vikander - Vera Brittain
  • “- Samantha Jackson: Ted, do you love your wife?
    - Shep Wild: Objection. She's not his wife. The marriage was annulled.
    - Samantha Jackson: I'll rephrase. Do you love Tami-Lynn?
    - Ted: I love my wife. Okay, my wife. More than anything in the world. We're married, I don't care what anybody says.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    John Slattery - Shep Wild
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    [Tag:court, law, love]
  • “- Abraham Farlan: Be careful, doctor Reeves. In the whole Universe, nothing is stronger than The Law.
    - Doctor Frank Reeves: Yes, Mr. Farlan, nothing is stronger than The Law in the Universe, but on Earth nothing is stronger than Love.”

    Raymond Massey - Abraham Farlan
    Roger Livesey - Dr. Frank Reeves
    [Tag:law, love, strength]
  • - Silas P. Silas: Shit, I'll fucks witcha!
    - Jamal King: Shit, I'll fucks witcha, too!
    - Philip Huntley: And that's a good thing?
    - Jamal King: Yes. That's a "yes"!
    - Philip Huntley: Then we'll 'fox' with each other.

    Method Man - Silas P. Silas
    Redman - Jamal King
    Fred Willard - Philip Huntley