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Christopher Catesby
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Kit Harington
December 26, 1986
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Kit Harington quotes
  • “Down the long white road we walked together. Down between the grey hills and the heather. You seemed all brown and soft, just like linnet. Your errant hair had shadowed sunbeams in it. And there shone all April in your eyes.”

    Kit Harington - Roland Leighton
    [Tag:beauty, love, poetry]
  • “In Battle, Discipline beats numbers 9 times out of 10.”
    Kit Harington - Jon Snow
    [Tag:battle, fighting]
  • “You can do good, or do well.”

    Kit Harington - Will Holloway
    [Tag:advice, choice, doing]
  • “- Will Holloway: How do you make a choice like that?
    - Harry Pearce: It's my job.”

    Kit Harington - Will Holloway
    Peter Firth - Harry Pearce
  • “- Mr. Bradley: [entering the pub] Is Master Gregory here?
    - Barkeep: Partially.”

    Kit Harington - Mr. Bradley
    Ryan Robbins - Barkeep
  • “- Harry Pearce: Agents like you don't last long in this life.
    - Will Holloway: So which ones remain?
    - Harry Pearce: [looking back] The ones like me...”

    Peter Firth - Harry Pearce
    Kit Harington - Will Holloway
  • “- Will Holloway: [by radio] They're nearing position. Anything?
    - Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Not a sausage. The self-perpetuating algorithm I wrote last night is constantly updating, revising all potential vantage points.
    - Will Holloway: Sudoku not cutting it then?”

    Kit Harington - Will Holloway
    Hugh Simon - Malcolm Wynn-Jones
    [Tag:humor, irony, job]
  • “- Vera Brittain: Please, I'd rather be by myself.
    - Roland Leighton: It's the books I'm worried about. I've never seen anyone beat them up that way.”

    Alicia Vikander - Vera Brittain
    Kit Harington - Roland Leighton
  • “- Roland Leighton: When we're at Oxford, we'll be able to see each other every day.
    - Vera Brittain: I'll be concentrating on my work.
    - Roland Leighton: Well, you'll need fresh air, surely. And a chaperone.”

    Kit Harington - Roland Leighton
    Alicia Vikander - Vera Brittain