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Identikit and personal data
Amanda Michelle
Last name
Amanda Seyfried
December 3, 1985
North American
actor, singer
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Amanda Seyfried movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Amanda Seyfried quotes
  • “- John: That's great! I mean, just like Sam L. Jackson.
    - Samantha Jackson: Who is that?
    - Ted: You ever seen any movie ever? He's the black guy.”

    Mark Wahlberg - John Bennett
    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    [Tag:actors, name]
  • “- Sophie: It's about knowing who I am and... and I wanted to get married knowing who I am!
    - Sky: That doesn't come from finding your father. That comes from finding yourself.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Dominic Cooper - Sky
  • “Marion Davies-Pops, this is Herman Mankiewicz, but we have to call him Mank.
    William Randolph Hearst-Mankiewicz? Herman Mankiewicz. New York playwright and drama critic?
    Herman Mankiewicz-Turned humble screenwriter, Mr. Hearst.
    William Randolph Hearst-Why, no need to be humble, Mr. Mankiewicz. Pictures that talk are the future. They’re going to...” (continue)
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    Amanda Seyfried - Marion Davies
    Charles Dance - William Randolph Hearst
    Gary Leonard Oldman - Herman Mankiewicz
    [Tag:acting, movie, writers]
  • “- Sophie: Grandma? You weren't invited.
    - Ruby Sheridan: That's the best kind of party, little girl.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Cher - Ruby Sheridan
    [Tag:guests, party]
  • “- Sophie: Sky is here, and these are my other two dads.
    - Fernando Cienfuegos: Of course it takes three great men to create such a woman.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Andy Garcia - Fernando Cienfuegos
    [Tag:men, women]
  • “- Sophie: [checking to see if he's unhurt] Can you move?
    - Charlie: Only my lips.
    [they kiss]”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Christopher Egan - Charlie
    [Tag:kiss, wound]
  • “- Samantha Jackson: Alright, I've got 'Dred Scott v. Sandford', 'Plessy v. Ferguson', and 'Brown v. The Board of Education'.
    - John: I got 'Kramer vs. Kramer', 'Alien vs. Predator', and 'Freddy vs. Jason'.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    Mark Wahlberg - John Bennett
    [Tag:mistake, movie, trial]
  • “- Karen Smith: So, you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins.
    - Gretchen Wieners: No, honey, uh-uh.
    - Karen Smith: That's not right, is it?
    - Gretchen Wieners: That is so not right.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
    Lacey Chabert - Gretchen Wieners
  • “- Judge: Ms. Jackson please control your client or I will hold you both in contempt of court.
    - Ted: Oh piss off! All right? I'm standing up for me, and I 'm standing up for the homos! We deserve respect!
    - Samantha Jackson: Ted shut up!”

    Ron Canada - Judge
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    [Tag:court, rights, trial]
  • - Samantha Jackson: Do I have "fuck me" eyes?
    - Ted: No, you have "Give me the ring, my precious" eyes.

    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    [Tag:eyes, flirting]
  • “- Samantha: They've denied you the same rights as everybody else, just because you're different.
    - Ted: Can you get me my life back?”

    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    [Tag:lawyers, rights]
  • “I didn't know love had an expiration date.”
    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    [Tag:end, love, time]
  • “- Samantha Jackson: Ted, do you love your wife?
    - Shep Wild: Objection. She's not his wife. The marriage was annulled.
    - Samantha Jackson: I'll rephrase. Do you love Tami-Lynn?
    - Ted: I love my wife. Okay, my wife. More than anything in the world. We're married, I don't care what anybody says.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Samantha
    John Slattery - Shep Wild
    Seth MacFarlane - Ted
    [Tag:court, law, love]
  • “- Sophie: I don't care if you slept with hundreds of men. You're my mom, and I love you so much.
    - Donna: [hugging her] Oh, Soph! And I haven't slept with hundreds of men.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Meryl Streep - Donna
    [Tag:mother, sex]
  • “- Sophie: You know what comes next?
    - Bill: Well, you're not going to tell me that you have a twin sister, are you?”

    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    Stellan Skarsgård - Bill
    [Tag:father, sisters]
  • “- Donna: Oh, look at my baby, her whole life ahead of her!
    - Sophie: Oh please, I'm getting married, I'm not joining a convent!”

    Meryl Streep - Donna
    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
  • “I don't want my children growing up, not knowing who their father is, because it's just, it's crap!”
    Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
    [Tag:children, father]
  • “- Karen Smith: Well... I'm kinda psychic. I have a fifth sense.
    - Cady Heron: What do you mean?
    - Karen Smith: It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.
    - Cady Heron: Really? That's amazing.
    - Karen Smith: Well... they can tell when it's raining.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
    Lindsay Lohan - Cady Heron
  • “- Karen Smith: If you're from Africa, why are you white?
    - Gretchen Wieners: Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
    Lacey Chabert - Gretchen Wieners
    [Tag:africa, racism]
  • “Gretchen, I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at 'Barnes & Nobles'. And I'm sorry for telling everyone about it. And I'm sorry for repeating it now.”
    Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
  • “- Karen Smith: God. My hips are huge!
    - Gretchen Wieners: Oh please. I hate my calves.
    - Regina George: At least you guys can wear halters. I've got man shoulders.
    - Cady Heron: [voiceover] I used to think there was just fat and skinny. But apparently there's lots of things that can be wrong on your body.”

    Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
    Lacey Chabert - Gretchen Wieners
    Rachel McAdams - Regina George
    Lindsay Lohan - Cady Heron
    [Tag:body, problems]