• “Louis B. Mayer-Still, I’m told you’re unhappy.
    Young Judy-Well, no, sir, not unhappy. I’d just maybe like a little more time.
    Louis B. Mayer-Time? For what?
    Young Judy-I don’t know. Maybe to go to the pictures like those other girls do.
    Louis B. Mayer-The thing is, those other girls will grow up to be cashiers, and farmers wives, and elementary school teachers. And they’ll see their skins roughed up through housework. Is that what you want, Judy? To be just a housewife? To be just a mother? Out there, you’d have to put away that voice of yours. Forget it exists. But here, with us, with your family, that voice will make you a million dollars before you’re twenty.”

    Richard Cordery - Louis B. Mayer
    Darci Shaw - Young Judy
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3/16/21 at 12:01 AM
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