• “- Quinn Harris: How do you want it?
    - Robin Monroe: Excuse me?
    - Quinn Harris: Do you want it sugar-coated, or right between the eyes?
    - Robin Monroe: You Pick.
    - Quinn Harris: We got no landing gear, so we can't take off. Lightning fried the radio, so we can't call for help. AirSea with try a rescue mission but without a beacon to hone in on it's like trying to find a flea on an elephant's ass. The only thing we got is this flare gun with a single flare.
    - Robin Monroe: Is it too late to get it sugar coated?
    - Quinn Harris: That was sugar-coated.”

    Harrison Ford - Quinn Harris
    Anne Heche - Robin Monroe
Quote details Movie (Six Days Seven Nights)

11/25/11 at 4:31 AM
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