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2/27/09 at 3:28 PM
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  • “- Woman in Restaurant: Monsieur, is this what I ordered?
    - Secondo: Yes, that is the Risotto. It is a special recipe that my brother and I bring from Italy. It's delicious, I promise.
    - Woman in Restaurant: It took so long, I thought you went back to Italy to get it.”

    Caroline Aaron - Woman in Restaurant
    Stanley Tucci - Secondo
    [Tag:cooking, food, italy]
  • “- Martin Brundle: You were there the night my father died; he was working on a cure.
    - Stathis Borans: That's why you dragged yourself all the way out here? To find out about a cure?
    - Martin Brundle: You're my only hope.”

    Eric Stoltz - Martin Brundle
    John Getz - Stathis Borans
    [Tag:father, hope, remedies]
  • “- Guard #2: She's dead.
    - Hector Gomez: Hell, she isn't dead. This doctor shot her up with sodium pentothal to make this fellow think she was dead. So you wouldn't suck the blood outta her, you bastard.”

    Joel Levine - Guard #2
    Robert Beltran - Hector Gomez
    [Tag:death, remedies]
  • “- Ronald Camp: I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Ace. I'll have the plumbing checked immediately.
    - Ace Ventura: Be sure that you do! If I'd been drinking out of the toilet, I might've been killed!”

    Udo Kerr - Ronald Camp
    Jim Carrey - Ace Ventura
  • “- Parole Officer: You better be there or you'll be having dinner with the sheriff.
    [erupts into coughing fit]
    - Parole Officer: You understand me, boy?
    - Early Grayce: I understand you need to take care of that cough. Put a paper bag over your head and breathe deep. Works every time... peg-armed piece of shit.”

    Judson Vaughn - Parole Officer
    Brad Pitt - Early Grayce
    [Tag:advice, remedies]